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This page contains a list of Organisations operating in the Life Science field in Piemonte.


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1 A. Costantino & C. S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
2 A.T. Marmo Service S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
3 AB SCIEX Biomedical
4 ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
5 ABICH S.r.l. Services
6 ABLE Biosciences Services
7 Able S.r.l. Biomedical
8 ABMEDICAL S.r.l. Red Biotech
9 Acarpia Lda Servicos Farmaceuticos Services
10 Acea Pinerolese Industriale S.p.A. Services
11 Adamantio S.r.l. White Biotech
12 AdRes S.r.l. Services
13 Advanced Accelerator Applications (Italy) S.r.l. Red Biotech
14 Aeffe Farmaceutici S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
15 Aesica Pharmaceuticals S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
16 Aestetica Italy Life Sciences-others
17 Aethia S.r.l. Bioinformatics
18 AF UNITED S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
19 AFC – Advanced Fetal Care Bioinformatics
20 AFOM Medical Pharmaceutical
21 Agilent Technologies Vacuum Products Division Biomedical
22 Agrilab S.r.l. Green Biotech
23 Agrindustria di Tecco P.A. Giuseppe & C. S.N.C. Green Biotech
24 AgriNewTech S.r.l. Green Biotech
25 AGROINNOVA Green Biotech
26 Agrolabo S.p.A. Green Biotech
27 aizoOn Services
28 Akzo Nobel Chemicals S.p.A. White Biotech
29 AL.MEC S.r.l. Biomedical
30 Alca Chemical S.r.l. White Biotech
32 Alcyon Italia S.p.A. Services
33 ALEA s.a.s. Services
34 Alltox Services
35 ALPIFLOR S.r.l. Green Biotech
36 Altran Italia Services
37 AMBRA Sistemi S.r.l. Services
38 AMNOL Chimica Biologica S.r.l. Pharmaceutical
39 ANADIAG ITALIA S.r.l. Green Biotech
40 ANGELO CICCONE S.r.l. Biomedical
41 Anthea S.r.l. Biomedical
42 APAvadis Biotechnologies S.r.l. Red Biotech
43 APHARM S.r.l. Pharmaceutical
44 APS S.r.l. Services
45 ARC.Nos S.n.c. Services
46 AREUS S.r.l. Services
47 Arka Service S.r.l. Services
48 AROMITALIA - GEI Gruppo Essenziero Italiano S.p.A. Green Biotech
49 Associazione Nazionale dei Biotecnologi Italiani Services
50 Associazione Salute Donna Services
51 Associazione Silenziosi Operai della Croce Onlus Services
52 ASTER S.r.l. - Società di Ingegneria Services
53 ASTRA S.r.l. Red Biotech
54 Ausilium S.r.l. Biomedical
55 Avio S.p.A. White Biotech