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This page contains a list of Organisations operating in the Life Science field in Piemonte.


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1 Barella Consulting S.a.s. Services
2 Barricalla S.p.A. White Biotech
3 Becchis Osiride S.r.l White Biotech
4 BEENEXT S.r.l. Pharmaceutical
5 Best S.r.l. Bioelettronica Strumentazione Torino Services
6 BF Pharma S.r.l. Red Biotech
7 BIBIELLE S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
8 bioCHEMfor Services
9 Biochemtex S.p.A. Biomedical
10 BIOCI Produzione Diagnostici Red Biotech
11 BIOCLARMA S.r.l. Red Biotech
12 BioDigitalValley S.r.l. Bioinformatics
13 Bioexpansys - Biological Expansion System S.r.l. Biomedical
14 Biohealth Italia S.r.l. Red Biotech
15 Bioindustria L.I.M. S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
16 Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A. Red Biotech
17 Biolab Research S.r.l. Services
18 Bioleader S.r.l.- Rete Biolab S.r.l. Services
19 BioMan S.r.l. Green Biotech
20 Bionovae S.r.l. Green Biotech
21 Bionucleon S.r.l. Red Biotech
22 BIOOPS S.r.l. Green Biotech
23 Biopaint S.r.l. White Biotech
24 BIOS S.n.c. Red Biotech
25 Biosearch Ambiente S.r.l. Services
26 Biosfered S.r.l. Green Biotech
27 Biotechware S.r.l. Biomedical
28 Bioteck S.p.A. Biomedical
29 Bisio Progetti S.p.A. Biomedical
30 Biznology S.r.l. Bioinformatics
31 BM “Koris Noccioloterapia” S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
32 bMooble S.r.l. Biomedical
33 Bracco Imaging S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
34 Brainer S.r.l. Biomedical
35 BSA Ambiente S.r.l. White Biotech