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This page contains a list of Organisations operating in the Life Science field in Piemonte.


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Field of business

1 F.A. Group S.r.l. Services
2 F.M. S.p.A. Biomedical
3 Farmaca International Pharmaceutical
4 Farmaceutici Procemsa S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
5 Farmen International Cosmetics Distribution S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
6 Fertirev S.r.l. Green Biotech
7 FIDES PHARMA S.r.l. Red Biotech
8 Filmar S.r.l. Biomedical
9 FINAGRI S.r.l. Services
10 Fisioline S.r.l. Biomedical
11 FLEMING RESEARCH S.r.l. Services
12 Floramo Corporation S.r.l. Services
13 Fluody S.r.l. Services
14 Fondazione Cavalieri Ottolenghi Red Biotech
15 Fondazione del Piemonte per l’Oncologia Biomedical
16 Fondazione Edo ed Elvo Tempia Valenta Life Sciences-others
17 Fondazione per la Ricerca Biomedica ONLUS Red Biotech
18 Fondazione Piem. per studi&ricerche su Ustioni Pharmaceutical
19 FONDAZIONE SALVATORE MAUGERI - sede di Veruno Biomedical
20 Fondazione TERA Pharmaceutical
21 Fondazione UN PASSO INSIEME Onlus Biomedical
22 Fonderia Mestieri Biomedical
23 FORLab Services
24 Fresenius Medical Care Italia S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
25 Fujifilm Italia S.p.A. Biomedical
26 Functionable Biomedical
27 Future Solutions Company Services