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This page contains a list of Organisations operating in the Life Science field in Piemonte.


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1 I-SEE S.r.l. Biomedical
2 I.P.L.A. S.p.A. Green Biotech
3 I.V. PHARMA S.A.S. Pharmaceutical
4 I3P - Società per la gestione dell'Incubatore di Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino - S.c.p.a. Life Sciences-others
5 ICAS S.r.l. White Biotech
6 ICEA Piemonte Services
7 IDROCONS S.r.l. White Biotech
8 Im3D Clinic Piemonte S.c.a.r.l. Services
9 im3D S.p.A. Biomedical
10 IN3 Diagnostics S.r.l. Red Biotech
11 Industrie BORLA S.p.A. Biomedical
12 Informatica Data System Bioinformatics
13 Innersee S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
14 Innovationdream S.r.l. Biomedical
15 iNovaria S.r.l. Services
16 Intellisemantic S.r.l. Services
17 INTELSINT S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
18 Intrauma S.r.l. Biomedical
19 Invento S.r.l. Red Biotech
20 IPSA S.r.l. Biomedical
21 IRCC - Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment Pharmaceutical
22 Isagro Ricerca S.r.l. Green Biotech
23 Isalit S.r.l. Services
24 ISIMPLY LEARNING S.r.l. Services
26 Istituto Profilattico e Farmaceutico Candioli & C. S.p.A.-Candioli Farmaceutici S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
27 ITA Istituto Tecnologie Avanzate S.r.l. Green Biotech
28 Italeco S.r.l. Biomedical
29 Iuppa Industriale S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
30 IXTAL S.r.l.s. Life Sciences-others