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This page contains a list of Organisations operating in the Life Science field in Piemonte.


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1 T.E.M.A. S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
2 T.I. S.r.l. Life Sciences-others
3 Takeda Italia Farmaceutici S.p.A. Pharmaceutical
4 Target Heart Biotech S.r.l. Red Biotech
5 Tazzetti S.p.a. White Biotech
6 TEA S.c. Services
7 Tecmark S.r.l. Bioinformatics
8 TECNOGAMMA s.n.c. Biomedical
9 Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore S.r.l. Services
10 Tecnoss Dental S.r.l. Services
11 TECNOVERDE S.p.A. Green Biotech
12 TEKNOFARMA S.p.A. Green Biotech
14 TERHORMON S.r.l. Biomedical
15 Tesi S.p.A. Services
16 Theolab S.r.l. Services
17 Tissuegraft S.r.l. Biomedical
18 Titanmed S.r.l. Unipersonale Biomedical
19 TOMPOMAK Biomedical
20 Top Consult S.r.l. Bioinformatics
21 Tosoh Bioscience S.r.l. Biomedical
22 Traumavet S.r.l. Biomedical
23 TRIFARMA S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
24 Trustech S.r.l. Services
25 TST S.r.l. Biomedical
26 Turati Idrofilo S.p.A. Life Sciences-others
27 Twocare S.r.l. Biomedical