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Contacts:Via Serravalle, 26 - 15063 Cassano Spinola (AL) Italy
Telephone: +39 01437741
Fax: +39 0143477295
Field of business:Green Biotech
Keywords:Agro-food starch sweeteners glucose maltodextrine dextrose polyol sorbitol mannitol xylithol food pharmeceutics cosmetics fermentation paper
Profile:Roquette is a private family owned business, specializing in starch and starch derivatives. Using the latest technology, Roquette transforms three key crops into essential industrial raw materials. With starch obtained from maize, wheat or potatoes, the company generates one of the world's most extensive ranges of consistently high quality products for the food, pharmaceutical, paper and corrugated board, fermentation, chemistry and industrial applications.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
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