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Sicor S.r.l. Società Italiana Corticosteroidi
Contacts:Strada Vecchia Biella (Tenuta S.Alessandro) - 13048 Santhià (VC) Italy
Telephone: +39 0161936611
Fax: +39 0161930983
Field of business:Pharmaceutical
Keywords:Chemistry pharmaceutics process development synthesis characterization immunosuppression oncolytic agents steroids fermentation chromatography
Profile:Sicor Italy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of, a pharmaceutical group manufacturing bulk active ingredients and producing injectable dosage forms. It is a worldwide leader in bulk steroid production and is now focusing on the production of potent drugs. In order to maintain its leadership position in key markets, endeavors to maintain the highest quality standards and to constantly invest in technology and staff. Sicor Italy plays a leading role in bulk active pharmaceuticals for both chemical synthesis and fermentation, producing in accordance with the most relevant pharmacopoeias.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
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