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TEA S.c.
Contacts:c/o Environment Park - Via Livorno, 60 - 10144 Torino Italy
Telephone: +39 0112257251; +39 0112257252
Fax: +39 0112257251; +39 0112257252
Contact person: Paolo Ricci, director
Field of business:Services
Keywords:Environment bioremediation waste biomass recycle hydrogeology used olis animal feeding education
Profile:The TEA Cooperative (Territory Energy Environment) is aimed at the promotion and the management of projects in the environmental field that focuses on the protection of territory, the increase in value of natural resources, with particular regards to the recovering of materials and energy. With this purpose, the Cooperative promotes projects that pay special attention to social Cooperatives and socially useful workers that are in professional roles and oriented mainly in the environmental sector including: planning, monitoring, training, employment and production.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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