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Cori S.r.l.
Contacts:Viale Fratelli Brignone, 10 - 13039 Trino (VC) Italy
Telephone: +39 3484078389
Contact person: Giovanni Bella
Field of business:Red Biotech
Profile:Main company assets are represented by technical - scientific skills in biotechnology, research and development activities finalized to new systems and diagnostic, based both on DNA amplification technology and on antigen-antibody interaction. Cori offer to its customers a very interesting product list. Most of the product are IVD in human infectivity field, realized in DNA amplification technology, both qualitative and quantitative procedures and genotyping as well.
bioPmed:bioPmed core member
Other clusters:Agroalimentare
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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