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Associazione Silenziosi Operai della Croce Onlus
Contacts:Località Trompone - 13040 Moncrivello (VC) Italy
Telephone: +39 0161426653
Fax: +39 0161426336
Contact person: Mara Strazzacappa
Field of business:Services
Keywords:Health, Hospitals, Scientific Bioresearch
Profile:Silenziosi Operai della Croce (Silent Workers of the Cross) is an association of consacrated people involved in care of suffering people, in social and sanitary activities and in editorial activities. There are 9 centres in Italy and 5 in foreign country. In Moncrivello (VC) Italy: - Private Clinic “Mons. Luigi Novarese” settled in the National Health System specialised in rehabilitation with 90 beds, outpatient clinics and radiology. Centre of education and teaching in Medical Science University degree in Occupational Therapy (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma).
bioPmed:bioPmed core member
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