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Contacts:c/o MBC, Via Nizza, 52 - 10126 Torino Italy
Telephone: +39 0116706446; +39 3484078385
Fax: +39 0116708416
Contact person: Davide Barberio, Managing Director
Field of business:Red Biotech
Keywords:Analysis, diagnostics, services
Profile:Bioclarma is a company founded in 2007 that provides products and services to public and private research and diagnostic laboratories. Our reagents and equipments for molecular diagnostics are developed with the most advanced technological solutions, providing thus a complete solution for public and private laboratories that carry out activities in the field of genetics, oncology and infectious diseases. In particular, Bioclarma launched “Philadelphia Sensiquant”, a high-sensitivity one-step RT PCR kit for the detection and dosing of BCR-ABL transcript in the monitoring of CML patient’s minimal residual disease.
bioPmed:bioPmed core member
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