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Associazione Nazionale dei Biotecnologi Italiani
Contacts:c/o Drs. Francesca Gilli, Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi - Clinical Neurobiology Unit, University Hospital S. Luigi Gonzaga, Regione Gondole, 10 - 10043 Orbassano (TO) Italy
Telephone: +39 0516354103
Fax: +39 0516354103
Contact person: Daniele Colombo, President
Field of business:Services
Profile:ANBI is a non-profit organization promoting the professional role of italian biotechnologists, the development of biotechnology and scientific research, and the innovation of the science-society relationship. The Association’s mission is the creation of scientific, professional and cultural opportunities for italian biotechnologists. Since its foundation, ANBI has pursued its mission through the creation of a network including political institutions, research centers, scientific and technological parks, and enterprises. In addition, ANBI promotes and supports a qualified professional training.
bioPmed:bioPmed core member
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
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