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Contacts:Via Baiettini, 33 - 28921 Verbania - Intra (VB) Italy
Telephone: +39 0323010128
Contact person: Renato Brignone
Field of business:Biomedical
Profile:Tompoma crutches were subjected to a meticulous certification process relating to safety, reliability and functional innovation. CATAS s.p.a. has determined that Tompoma crutches withstand loads up to 150 kg, greatly increasing the standards of strength and wear compared to the competition. Auxological Italian Insititute certificate that Tompoma crutches offer biomechanical advantages in walking. In details, they make a longer and safe wheelbase, providing higher performance also in terms of speed. In addition Tompoma crutches are more ergonomic and offer a better support and grip than standard crutches.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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