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Euroservizi S.r.l.
Contacts:Via dell'Industria, 1 - 10023 Chieri (TO) Italy
Telephone: +39 0119473370
Fax: +39 0117432088
Field of business:Biomedical
Profile:"A company operating since 2001 in the field of hospital supplies for communities and nursing homes, specialized in products for the personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, medicinals and everything you need in the pharmacy and nursing. Production and distribution of the following: • personal hygiene products • enemas, microenemas and suppositories • urology, surgery, anesthesiology, oxygen therapy, gastroenterology products • integrators and medical nutrition products • towels, bibs, mittens, soapy mittens and soapy sponges • incontinence devices"
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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