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Contacts:Via Pietro Giuria, 9 - 10125 Torino Italy
Telephone: +39 0116707993
Contact person: Marco Lucio Lolli, CEO
Field of business:Pharmaceutical
Keywords:pharmaceutical, innovative glassware
Profile:Beenext S.r.L. is a Spin Off on the University of Turin. It as been created by three members of the Department of Science and Drug Technology (DSTF) of the University of Turin - UniTO (Italy) and incubated at the 2i3T, the Business Incubator and Technology Transfer Process at the University of Turin. Beenext S.r.L. was born with the purpose to move that academic experience to the Drug Design market. The founders DSTF team was then carefully arranged in order to create a technological complementary platform effective in the design of small entities as early drug candidates. Involved inside international collaboration with the academic as well as SME words, the Beenext S.r.L. extensive use of ArachnoTM, a proprietary Beenext S.r.L. patented technology developed to accelerate the synthetic process, allows our chemists to reach faster the desired target molecules.
bioPmed:bioPmed core member
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
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