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Contacts:c/o I3P, Corso Castelfidardo, 30/a - 10129 Torino Italy
Telephone: +39 3200785670
Contact person: Daria Tirone
Field of business:Biomedical
Profile:The main product is the TACTEE system. It aims to return a functional hand-grip to people with a functional deficit at their hands, allowing them to perform several daily life actions such as eating, drinking and writing in full independence. Patients affected by SCI, hemiplegia, MS are usually cared for by Occupational Therapists for rehabilitation issue and by “care giver” and/or family in daily life. TACTEE is also able to relieve the care giver of the heavy burden of a stressful and continuous assistance by making his presence no longer compulsory.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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