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Contacts:Via Cernaia, 31 - 10121 Torino (TO) Italy
Telephone: +39 0115156611
Fax: +39 0115185894
Field of business:Pharmaceutical
Profile:MEDESTEA INTERNAZIONALE was founded in 1990 and is known in Italy for having launched the trademarks CLINIANS and SANT’ANGELICA, which identify two lines of cosmetology and Dietary Supplements leading brands in Italy, respectively in the mass market and in the pharmacy channels. CLINIANS was sold out in the year 2000 and SANT’ANGELICA in 2004 to two European Multinational Companies. In the year 2000 MEDESTEA started a wide project of pharmaceutical development, including also activities in the areas of Biotechnology and Stem Cells from adults. Today MEDESTEA INTERNAZIONALE represents a holding Company. All the activities are carried out through 6 controlled operative Companies: Medestea Research & Production, Medestea Biotech, Medevice, BTC, Genethia, Fertirev.
Patents:Open patents list on Espacenet
Publications:Open publications on Pubmed

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