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ABCEurope - Advanced Biotech Cluster platforms for Europe (2009-2012)

ABCEurope  aims  to  reinforce  active  and  structured  partnerships  between  EU  bio clusters and their companies. By providing better quality and more efficient services to  biotech  companies  and  by reinforcing  international  cluster  activities,  the  vision  is  to contribute to creating a European biotech world-class cluster. The overall goal of the project is to foster transnational cooperation between Bio cluster initiatives, helping cluster support organisations to develop and test improved cluster support services and to integrate innovative SMEs into clusters. The project will help to design service packages for innovative SMEs in order to create better conditions for growth, a favourable environment for cross border cooperation, transnational innovation and entrepreneurship.

The key driver behind this project is the development and delivery of services in a fully integrated mechanism – bringing significant added value of cross-cluster cooperation to the development and delivery of services. The aim of the consortium is that no service is delivered in isolation in a local cluster – biotech SMEs and their cluster support actors are fully integrated into a community of clusters and SMEs across Europe.

The project brings together the primary cluster support actors in Europe, the majority of whom have offered, for many years, the main support services that have contributed to the successful growth of their clusters.

Specific targets:

  • Strengthen the partnerships between EU bio-communities and the support for “result-oriented transnational cooperation”;
  • Create more efficient innovation support services for biotech companies to link research, entrepreneurship and finance;
  • Reinforce the international dimensions of EU Bio Cluster cooperation, in- and outside the EU.

The concrete actions will be:

  • Development of specific tools in support of internationalization of innovative SMEs using tools and better practices identified in the first generation of Europe Innova;
  • Development and test of concrete Cluster support services for Innovative SMEs;
  • Transnational partnering activities between cluster organizations and their businesses.

These will be developed through the following schemes: cluster managers visits, business match making events, short term staff exchanges, development of mutual cluster ambassador scheme, development.

The parters:

Project Website:

Tools of Science


Within the ABC Europe project, it was developed the European gateway Tools of Science, a new tool for Life Sciences professionals to identify the right partner for scientific services.

The 13 bioregions across the Europe, involved in the project (including Bioindustry Park-bioPmed), have collected information on the best facilities and service companies from their regions in a searchable database. National and regional financing opportunities to support R&D projects of life science companies are also featured, as well as guidelines and useful links to collaboration tools.

Researchers and entrepreneurs can navigate in the database structure using keywords or categories such as region, development phase or specific field of science.

Download the press release >>

Tools of Science marketing material:


Guidelines on outsourcing practice in life science

The ABCEurope partnership has teamed up with experienced CRO specialists in Stockholm to develop step-by-step guidelines on outsourcing for SMEs.
The result is a short and concise “checklist” pointing out pitfalls and important decisions to make. It provides practical advice for every step of the outsourcing process, from defining your needs and searching for a contractor to legal issues and quality assurance.

Download the guide >>