Life Sciences in Piemonte

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This section provides some tools for users, researchers and SMEs to learn about the potential activities and subjects operating in Piemonte in the Life Sciences field.

Organizations are divided into several categories:
  • Producing companies, in direct contact with markets in the sector;
  • Companies that offer a variety of research services and companies representing the related industrial sectors;
  • Research centres, universities, research institutions, public or private bodies active in the sector by undertaking research and innovation;
  • clusters and science and technology parks which act as a bridge between the other Life Sciences subjects;
  • Organizations that provide financial support for the development and to carry out various activities in the sector.

In this section, the actors of the Life Sciences field are described by the following criteria:
  • Companies and organizations members of the bioPmed cluster;
  • Companies operating in Piemonte (not included in the first list);
  • Research centres, universities in Piemonte (not already included in the first list);
  • Foundations;
  • Innovation Clusters and Science and Technology Parks;
  • Hospitals and Clinics;
  • Development Agencies;
  • Other organizations.

Life Sciences in Piemonte >> PiemonteBIOsciences
In Piemonte there is a cluster for the Life Sciences.

This area, in fact, has some features that make it particularly suitable for developing this sector, in particular:
  • The international level of scientific publications of the university in this sector and the presence of state of the art scientific facilities;
  • The presence of training centers of excellence with the resulting high level of preparedness of graduates and the availability of skilled labor;
  • The comparative low cost of research;
  • The availability of concessions for infrastructure investment in science parks, for technology transfer activities, for start-ups, and generally for business development;
  • The presence of centers of excellence (IRCC Candiolo, Bioindustry Park, some departments of the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont University, Politecnico of Torino, several research groups of the CNR), large companies of international importance (Bracco, Merck-Serono, Sorin Group Italia, DiaSorin, Sanofi, Takeda, etc.). and growing SMEs (Creabilis, Bioman, CID, Nanovector, Aethia, Agrolabo, Intrauma, DIPRO, Constantino, etc.);
  • The willingness of universities to improve research results through patenting and start-up, the creation of specialized offices and the creation of incubators targeted;
  • The dynamics of the business which has increased the number of new firms in these sectors in recent years;
  • The presence of synergistic companies for excellence in areas such as electronic (Bio-electronics, diagnostics, etc.), computer (Bio-informatics), the mechanic (Bio-mechanics), the environment, etc.
  • The presence of infrastructure of international level and the presence of an environment "favorable" also culturally to the research activities;
  • The presence of strategic initiatives that link the development of activities related to these sectors (bioPmed Cluster, Project "Health City", Discovery Initiative of Bioindustry Park, etc.);
  • The availability of many information of the sector.


In addition, Piemonte is able to answer many of the demands of companies and actors in the Life Sciences.

Thanks to its geographical location, transport network and the presence of high-quality infrastructure and services, Piemonte offers solutions responding the different needs of companies to position themselves and develop rapidly in the field of biotechnology.

The biomedical sector includes over 460 companies.


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