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AL.MEC S.r.l.

AL.MEC S.r.l.
  • Legal: Via Monfalcone, 1 - 12045 Fossano (CN) Italy
  • Administrative/Operative: Via Torino, 172 - 12063 Dogliani (CN) Italy

Contact Person: Ivano Albarello
Role: CEO
Phone: +39 0173742821
Fax: +39 017370189 Email: Website:
Founding Year: 2001
Employees: 14
Employees in R&D: 4
Fields of business:
  • Biomedical

Keywords: Electronic, 3D modelling, Rapid prototyping, free-contact diagnosis, simulation software.
AL.MEC Mechatronics designs electronics, develops software, implements 3D modelling and rapid prototyping. Born as a supplier of electronics in automotive field, special vehicles, equipment and setups for agricultural machines and digger. The philosophy of innovation, company guideline, led to a technology transfer from mechatronics field to medtech sector.
Biomedical division, AL.MEC Medtech, provides simulation software of mechanical cardiorespiratory interaction with educational aim.
Software is based on a mathematic model, object of divulgation, in which cardio circulatory system interacts with respiratory one defining skin displacements. It can virtually recreate emergency cases and non-common disease to exercise the operator to face different problems in specific situations.
Simulations give several advantages:
  • improve the knowledge of the main surgery emergency treatment guide lines;
  • virtually create critical situation, uncommon, in which a prompt intervention is crucial;
  • study several kind of dysfunction and disease related  to cardio circulatory system;
  • consider the relation between the different parameters of the system, complicated  in some cases,  under exam;
  • discuss different cases and mistakes committed during the treatment
AL.MEC Medtech is carrying on a research on free-contact diagnosis through skin displacement measurement.
Cardio circulatory system is the engine of human body. It pumps blood through the cardiac chambers by one-way valves and sprinkles the organs using a complicated system of vessels. Cardio circulatory system applies to an osmotic exchange with engineeristic methods.
The operation can be normal (physiologic) or subject to alterations and malfunctioning (physiopathology) that obliges the doctor and the engineer to activate a channel of constant communication/facing  to search/transfer/produce together specific surgical techniques of reparation.
Research activity is focused on:
  • development of computational models of simulation and prevision of the effects on skin vibrations of the cardiovascular-respiratory interaction;
  • the project, the realization and the trial of integrated electro-optic chain of measure.

  • Politecnico di Torino
  • ISMB

Patents: No.
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