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Aethia S.r.l.

Aethia S.r.l.
  • Via Ribes, 5 - 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO) Italy

Contact Person: Gianpaolo Perego
Role: CEO
Phone: +39 0125538824
Fax: +39 0125538621 Email: Website:
Founding Year: 2000
Employees: 8
Employees in R&D: 2
Fields of business:
  • Bioinformatics

High performance computing, Linux clusters and servers, bionformatics, eHealth, software development, database, data mining.


Aethia was born in 2000 as a Spin-Off of the Italian Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM) and is placed inside the Technological Park Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero.


  1. Legal name: AETHIA S.R.L.
  2. Birth year: 2000
  3. Company's capital: 15.000 Euro
  4. Sectors: ICT, Web development, Supercomputing
  5. Team: 8 people divided in technical, commercial, R&D and administrative areas
  6. Customers: SME and industries, Universities and Research Centres
  7. Partners: Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero (strategical), Politecnico di Torino (scientific), E4 Computer Engineering (technological)

Aethia is an european company that develops innovative computer science solutions by combining advanced technologies and easy of use. Our main target is to put creativity, professionalism and multidisciplinarity to good use in order to create human scale solutions that are near to users needs.

To promote accessible technology and knowledge represents for us an innovative and stimulating growth model, both for a professional and personal level. Aethia is addressing in particular the world of innovation and research, and contributes with its know-how to the interaction between enterprises and scientific research. Our philosophy based on the sharing of the organizational, professional and technological resources, starts from our company inside and reaches the contest and the market.

The open solutions provided by Aethia offer adequate tools to reach these objectives in a fair balance between technological, ethical and economic growth.

The key aspect of Aethia team is multidisciplinarity, intended as a key resource for the success of each project. We believe that the dialogue between scientific and computer sciences/technical competences is important and synergistic.

For this reason Aethia has diversified its production on different fields since the beginning, fields that today has been consolidated into three main activity lines:

  1. Scientific computing: High Performance Computing solutions based on Linux clusters, addressed to academical and industrial research groups that requires high computing power.
  2. Internet presence: through the ZioSEM mark, Aethia operates in the italian market as one of the main web agencies specialized in web-marketing techniques.
  3. ICT services: through the Equologic mark, the experience of our technicians is placed at disposal to provide the main services required for enterprises informative system management, from networking, to security, to software applications development.

Private companies:
  • Agilent Technologies Italia
  • Arianet
  • Beckman-Coulter
  • Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero
  • Bracco Imaging
  • Chemsafe
  • Creabilis Therapetics
  • E4 Computer Engineering
  • ENI
  • Fondazione per le Biotecnologie
  • Genomnia
  • Mondadori Education
  • Novartis
  • SAES Getters
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Tele Rilevamento Europa (TRE)


Public institutions:

  • Associazione Nazionale Biotecnologi Italiani (ANBI)
  • Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione Piemonte (CEIPiemonte)
  • Centro Supercalcolo Piemonte
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
  • Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e la Tecnologia dei Materiali
  • Istituto Giannina Gaslini (IRCCS)
  • Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) - IASF Milano
  • Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia (INFM)
  • Istituto di Ricerca e Cura del Cancro (IRCC)
  • Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)
  • Istituto Superiore per la Previdenza e la Sicurezza sul Lavoro (ISPESL)
  • Life Learning Center di Torino
  • Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • Servizio Agrometeorologico Regionale per la Sardegna (SAR)
  • Università del Piemonte Orientale
  • Università di Ancona
  • Università di Bari
  • Università di Bergamo
  • Università di Bologna
  • Università di Brescia
  • Università di Firenze
  • Università di Milano Bicocca
  • Università di Napoli Federico II
  • Università di Perugia
  • Università di Roma Sapienza
  • Università di Roma Tor Vergata
  • Università di Torino
  • Università di Udine

Patents: NO
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