bioPmed is the Italian innovation cluster dedicated to health care related product and services created  in 2009 thanks to the intervention of Piemonte Region. bioPmed is financed in the framework of ERDF - POR Piemonte 2007-2013 Activity I.1.2 Poli di innovazione.


bioPmed is based on a community of around 470 companies, 3 universities and different research centers, foundations and associations active in Life Sciences fields. Since May 2009, 80 organizations have signed an agreement to create, build, support and animate the local cluster. Such organizations are the core organizations of bioPmed cluster.


The initiative is led by Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, the local science & technology park founded in 1998 which, since its creation, worked as system integrator for the development of Life Sciences in the Region.


In coherence with the European Union recommendations, bioPmed works to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive interactions, sharing of facilities and exchange of knowledge and expertise and by contributing effectively to technology transfer, networking and information dissemination among the undertakings in the cluster.

bioPmed is coherent with the guidelines contained in the "Europe 2020" strategy.


gold label
Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA, managing company of the bioPmed Healthcare Innovation Cluster, has been awarded the Gold Label for Cluster Management Excellence by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.


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